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As Toledo opens a new chapter in hockey history with the Toledo Walleye beginning their inaugural season in 2009-2010, Toledo Walleye Examiner will take a stroll back to visit the top 10 seasons in Toledo ECHL history. The 2004-2005 Toledo Storm season comes in at #8 on the list.

Never forget that your girlfriend is a video game novice. If you want her to enjoy playing video games with you, don’t be a show off. When playing 2 player video fidget spinner, don’t run ahead and kill the bad guys, leaving her struggling to keep up. There is nothing more boring for us girls than arriving on the scene to find that all the bad guys are dead or that the treasure has been found. There are lots of buttons on those controllers; it could take your girlfriend awhile to figure them all out. Be patient with her and make a point of letting your girlfriend contribute during quests.

One last thing: The bible says “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you may have PEACE. In the world you will have tribulation but cheer up I spinner game have overcome the world John

The trouble comes when your consciousness begins to detect the imminent pain of the concealed emotional bruise. This is when your “covering” fails allowing you to “remember” (not as in a full recollection, just a conscious realization of hidden pain). When this happens, it’s just like ripping off a scab too early; the wound begins to bleed all over again. Then you must deal with a larger portion of the painful occurrence than you are ready to realize.

You were the first person everyone called when there was something going on everyday. You were like an operator, call after call after call. You had to specifically buy a phone that had a battery life for enough talk time in a whole day.

They believe that rugby is a contact sport for men and dish out their own form of punishment to the opposition: “You stamp on the soft tissue but you don’t stamp on the head or the crown jewels.” They believe in limited violence!

Volunteer. This date idea is perfect if you and your significant other care about protecting the world and helping others. Decide on your favorite cause as a couple and then look for opportunities to make a difference. Local soup kitchens, senior care facilities and environmental groups are always looking for volunteers.