Mayor Daley’s Empty Property Tax Rhetoric

Financial crisis is linked to money like the light to the sun. Sometimes back in the past, some financial adversities arose and due to some unavoidable circumstances you faltered in paying back your loans. Bad credits, CCJs, bankruptcy all keep giving you the dreaded nightmares, and you find yourself at a blunt end. Pondering over the way out? Bad debt secured loans are then just for you. These loans are specially designed for people who have a bad financial track record and are now trying to put their lives on track with all they have.

Unsecured Auto Loans: get you the car loan without you having to show any collateral. But as a counter measure, the chargeable interest rates will be higher. However, in case you cannot pay back the loan amount, you don’t risk losing the mortgaged asset.

There are various parts to a mortgage that you should be familiar with. When you get a mortgage you will likely see some or all of these terms on your financial documents so it is important to know just where your money is going and how it is being used to pay off your mortgage.

People who are in debt can easily get out of debt. They can get debt help from the various banks that are there. You should approach your local bank with which you have a checking or a savings account. In most cases they are willing to help their customers. In this way they act as debt helpers for you. You can also seek the advice of many professionals who can help you lessen your debt or help you pay back the debts. Banks will ask for your financial statement over a period of one financial year. In this way, they will be able to ascertain your revenue streams as well as your expenses.

In a recent development the Delhi High Court has awarded its decision in the case of Home Solutions Retails (India) Ltd Vs. Union of India in favour of Union of India on 25th September 2011. While passing this decision the High Court has reversed its own decision in the same case which it delivered at the time of granting stay order in favour of assessee. The court at that time held that the levy of service tax is not constituitional valid on the renting of Immoveable Property. In its order passed om 25th Sept 11 held that it is constituitional valid to levy service tax on renting of ImmoveableProperty and also the amendment brought by the parliament is also correct.

Making quick money is something that takes a lot of preparation and planning before investment, when you are invested and when selling or closing the deal. Further more, the investment amount is not small too, which no one can ignore. A slight mistake in prediction or a change in the legislation concerning real estate property or tourism or industry sector has the potential to turn over the whole real estate economy on its head resulting in wiping out of your capital too.

Gift of Assets to Members – Generally, the Karta of an HUF cannot gift or alienate HUF property but he can make certain gifts to the female members. Gift of immovable property within reasonable limits, can also be made by a Karta to his wife, daughter, daughter-in-law or even to a son out of natural love and affection. Gift of immovable property within reasonable limits can be made only for dutiful purpose e.g. marriage of a daughter etc.